HVAC equipment is invisible when it works well however once it fails, it can cause discomfort, lost productivity, and costly damage. A properly designed maintenance program can reduce the risk of breakdowns and results in lower operating costs in the long run. Baxtec offers maintenance programs for standard comfort heating/cooling systems to mission critical server facilities to multi dwelling condominium properties.

HVAC Service

Rapid and professional service any time of day is a key part of the design of our modern service department. With tools such as GPS tracking and mobile tablets our service department is able to dispatch the right technician with all of the critical client information, service history and equipment details before he arrives on site. Our service department operates 24/7.

Plumbing Services

Baxtec provides a wide range of plumbing services such as leak repairs, drain unblocking, plumbing retrofits, pipe thawing, sump and sewage pumps, pressure reducing valves, and domestic booster pumps. Baxtec also provides specialized services such as:

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves: Building code now requires that domestic hot water must be provided at less that 120F (49C). Water stored at less than 140F (60C) increases the risk of legionella bacteria. A common solution is the use of a thermostatic mixing valve (anti-scald valves). These systems can be complex especially when retrofitted into an existing building. Baxtec has experience installing and troubleshooting these systems.
  • Camera Inspections: Baxtec uses a number of camera systems to inspect piping internally. Often a camera inspection can immediately pinpoint a problem and when combined with an ultrasonic locator, it can pinpoint the exact location of an underfloor problem reducing the amount of demolition required to access the problem area.
  • Riser Flushing: Regular flushing of drain piping in a building can prevent undesirable and costly blockages. Before and after video footage can confirm the benefit of the flushing and help establish the appropriate frequency.

Backflow prevention (Cross-connection prevention)

Baxtec has trained and certified Cross Connection professionals.

Backflow devices prevent contaminants in one part of your building from entering the water supply in another part of your building. In Ottawa, bylaws are being prepared in 2016 to require Premise Isolation to protect the City water supply. This bylaw will require the installation and inspection of backflow devices. Baxtec is able to install, inspect, and repair these devices.

Baxtec can perform an audit of your building to determine if and where cross-contamination risks exist in your building. We can then propose measures to protect yourself against these hazards and ensure that your building meets Building Code and Bylaw requirements.


Baxtec has 30 years experience in delivering high quality projects. Our experience ranges from multi-million dollar full building retrofit projects to replacements of a single piece of equipment. Our team can offer full turnkey design-build projects. Baxtec intimately understands the ever-changing utility rebate systems and we will help secure the highest possible rebates.

Industrial Service

Baxtec has significant experience in various industrial sectors including pulp & paper, casting facilities, dairy facilities, cremators, and environmental chambers. Our clientele is throughout Ontario. We have assisted numerous clients with custom gas appliance field approvals with the TSSA.